Pirates of Buenaventura

Last weekend Erin an' I be lookin' fer somethin' fun t' do. We heard about Fort Buenaventura, but neither o' us had gone. So we thought we'd commandeer a canoe fer a tide. An' we be always in fer a good adventure.

Fort Buenaventura is a secluded grove of trees just out side of Ogden, about 10 minutes from our house. The plan was to go canoeing on the lake and enjoy the warm sunny day. When we got there we paid the entrance fee at the visitors center and rented a canoe for an hour. They told us everything we needed for canoeing was just behind the visitors center. And when we went behind to get our gear we realized that even the lake (puddle) was hidden behind this
building. It wasn't a lot of space for canoeing but it was still a lot of fun. It would be a great place for younger kids to practice canoeing in a completely non threatening environment.
This is why we were extra careful not to tip the canoe, even though it was a hot day. The water was horribly disgusting. Luckily we never got it on us.

We're on the small dock, and you can see the other shore is just a stone's throw away.

You can rent those teepee's for $15 a night. Could be a fun camping adventure, and you wouldn't have to set up your tent.

By the end of the hour we became quite good at our steering together to get where we wanted to go. It really was a fun Saturday afternoon trip, and we were practically the only ones there.


merathon said...

nice pirate speak! AND MITCHELL-- i'm proud of you for wearing shorts!

aunt jan said...

Ahoy Mateys! You didn't say anything in your blog about the sea biscuits and moldy hard tack.... You guys really know how to pack a lunch.

The Dahle Family said...

Oh, what newlywed fun times you're having!! Such a fun stage of life!

Erin said...

luckily we never got it on us??!!! ha ha ... right, mitchell ... riiiiight.

JD and Ash said...

Wow Erin You guys are super busy, you do some fun stuff together! I love your wedding pictures!