Fillmore Pow Wow

Free food + the possibility of hanging out with the Church family = us spending part of our Saturday at the Fillmore family picnic down in Orem. I love that I now have a total of 17 nieces and nephews ... 16 on Mitchell's side of the family ... 1 on mine.

The Church children in all their glory

Mitchell and his sister Mirien

Macho macho man (with Jill and Corinne)

Mitchell's cousin, Lincoln, is the announcer for the Orem Owl's baseball team ... so we scored some free tickets for Saturday night's game.

Hey batta' batta' batta'

Your eyes do not deceive you ... big fat zeros all across the board. Snooze-a-thon in terms of baseball. It's a good thing we aren't huge baseball fanatics.


The Dahle Family said...

Nice pics. The Pioneer Day Picnic site looks so green and lush and gorgeous, alot like the two of you! Wish we coulda been there for the parteh.

aunt jan said...

Mitchell wearing a little bling?? You two are just the cutest couple in the world (until Bret and Lynn post a pic....the it will be a toss up)

Mirien said...

We're so glad you came to help us entertain the kids! You got some good pictures. Thanks for hanging out with us!

Mitchell said...

Whoa there barb, no bling for me, might want to put your glasses on before you make such an outlandish comment.

And yes you should have been there, Monette, it was fun.

And Mirien, you guys made it fun for us, I'm glad you were there and wanted to go to the game as well. Did alyssa ever get all those chores done?