Fillmore Farms Bed and Breakfast

We have been living together in our spacious 450 sq ft apartment for almost 2 months now and finally got our first visitor. My brother Morgan drove in from Colorado and decided he'd stay his first night here with us and check out our new place. We made pizza when he got here, then hung out and ate ice cream and later that night we even made cinnamon rolls. Erin went to bed a little early since she had been awake since 3:15 am! And Morgan and I stayed up a bit later and talked and laughed and such.

I crawled into bed about midnight and Morgan had his choice between the love seat, the tile floor or the lovesac.... So naturally he picked the lovesac.

And later he picked the couch.
And then he thought he'd try the floor.

Eventually my trips to the kitchen woke him and the first thing out of his mouth was our very first review... "worst nights sleep of my life, i woke up at least 50 times and my back is killing me and its SO hot."

The invitation is open to you all, come on by and stay a night. You'll never appreciate your own bed more. And i'll even bake for you.

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Mirien said...

Ha, ha, ha! This post cracked me up. Nice pix of little Morgie. I hope you made him some coffee cake for breakfast!